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Poetry of Pain...........and Redemption

Empty Alone I sit and listen  To the sounds of emptiness  Singing to me, the one with empty arms  And broken dreams  Everything I ever wanted, seems  Unreachable or taken by another  Is fate a cruel prankster, with an unfunny joke?  I wonder at times, if Destiny  Has deemed me to wander all alone  Never knowing a lovers caress, or the passion in his eyes  At times the longing is maddening  The tears fall and melt into my pillow  The loneliness enveloping me once again  I curse my longing soul  I watch others and still can smile at their joy  But at times, the hurt is raw  A reminder of what I don’t have  And maybe never will  No lover’s laughter or knowing smiles  No cuddles in the break of day light  My words heard whispered in the darkness  Only by my goddess and me  So many broken dreams, promises  All came to me times past but do nothing in the now  For now I am alone in my bed and life  With unanswered songs  Never touching the realness  Of a lo