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The Week in Bites 30 September 2018

This week at Fine Dining Lovers we took a food tour of Dublin, ventured to Paraguay, brought you news of Latin America\'s Best Female Chef, and much more!

Is The Croissant Cube The Next Cronut?

Bedros Kabranian is a young Swedish pastry chef who had the audacity to create a crescent ... square! So, for or against?

Behind the Scenes of Tokyo Tsukiji Market

A selection of pictures from Nicola Tanzini\'s project \"Tokyo Tsukiji\" that will be exhibited in Milan, Italy with other 29 photographs in display.

10 Easy Pork Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

Pork is a succulent and versatile meat. Depending on the cut, pork can suit all variety of dishes from Mexican to stir fry or simply grilled with a tasty sauce.

5 Baked Pear Recipes Perfect For Entertaining

These heavenly baked pear recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth. You\'ll find elegant soufflés, tarts, cupcakes, and more!

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe

Do you want to learn how to make the ultimate chocolate cake? Then follow this video recipe from ChefSteps.

Chefs' Satellite Restaurants: the European Scene

Let\'s start a journey to alternative restaurants inspired by the best chefs who decided to spot promising talents and invest in them. First stop: Europe.

12 Days of Christmas Dinner Series at 3 Michelin Star Meadowood

An international line-up of top chefs will be cooking in the countown to Christmas at three Michelin starred Meadowood in California. Be sure to book a table.

5 Gourmet Pumpkin Soups To Keep You Warm on Chilly Days

Looking for delicious pumpkin soups? Celebrate autumn with these five pumpkin soups made with ingredients like Jerusalem artichokes, pears, apples and curry.

Watch Michelin Chefs Cook the -Aise Sauces

Watch the world\'s best chefs make the classic -aise sauces: mayonnaise, hollandaise and béarnaise.

The World's Best Restaurants Use These Unique Knives

Florentine Kitchen Knives can be found in the kitchens and dining rooms of restaurants such as Disfrutar and The Jane.

Top Chefs Love These Barcelona-Made Knives

Some of the world\'s best chefs are fans of these unique kitchen knives produced in a small workshop in Barcelona.

Plate Like a Chef with 5 Basic Household Items

Learn how to plate like a chef at home using basic things like a bar of chocolate, an apple corer and a spoon.

Michelin Guide to Chicago 2019 – the Full List

There\'s a new starred addition to the Michelin Guide to Chicago 2019: see the full list.

Paul Svensson: "It’s All About Cherishing Vegetables"

The Swedish chef of the restaurant at Fotografiska talks about his \"huge love\" for vegetables and his idea of cuisine.

Rasul Gamzatov, People’s Poet of Daghestan

Rasul Gamzatovich Gamzatov Rasul Gamzatovich Gamzatov, 8 September 1923 – 3 November 2003) was probably the most famous poet writing in the Avar language. Among his poems was Zhuravli, which became a well-known Soviet song. He was born on September 8, 1923, in the Avar village of Tsada in the north-east Caucasus. His father, Gamzat Tsadasa, was a well-known bard, heir to the ancient tradition of minstrelsy still thriving in the mountains. He was eleven when he wrote his first verse about a group of local boys who ran down to the clearing where an airplane had landed for the first time. His father was the teacher who taught him the art of writing poetry. A number of different poems of Rasul Gamzatov also became songs, such as "Gone sunny days". Gamzatov was awarded -  State Stalin Prize in 1952 The Lenin Prize in 1963 Laureate Of The International Botev Prize in 1981. The monument to Gamzatov was unveiled on 5 July 2013 on Yauzsky Boulevard in

Langhe Italy: 11 Michelin Starred Restaurants to Try in Truffle Country

LANGHE ITALY: 11 MICHELIN STARRED RESTAURANTS TO TRY IN TRUFFLE COUNTRY PHOTO PHOTO 21.9 When we think of the region of Langhe, the land of fine wines and truffles in the heart of Piedmont in northern Italy, the first place that comes to mind is certainly Alba, especially when the annual International Truffle Fair arrives. This famous, yet small town is, in fact, like the small capital of the beautiful area washed by the Tanaro, with excellent restaurants such as Piazza Duomo by Enrico Crippa (three Michelin stars) and Larossa by Andrea Larossa (one Michelin star). However, besides Alba, there are plenty of other pearls to discover, both well known and lesser known, scattered among the hills and the paths of Langhe. Here are another ten starred restaurants of the Langhe that we suggest you try and love. LOCANDA DEL PILONE, MADONNA DI COMO - ALBA Try the regional cuisine revisited by chef Federico Gallo in Località Madonna di Como, just outside Alba. In a historical and welcoming

Pía León is Latin America's Best Female Chef 2018

PÍA LEÓN IS LATIN AMERICA'S BEST FEMALE CHEF 2018 Pía León has been announced as the winner of the elit® Vodka Latin America's Best Female Chef Award ahead of the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 awards ceremony sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, which takes place on 30 October in Bogotá and can be live-streamed on Fine Dining Lovers . The talented chef forms half of the Peruvian powerhouse team, with husband Virgilio Martinez , at the helm of former Latin America's Best Restaurant, Central, a title which it held for three consecutive years, as well as being instrumental in setting up Mil restaurant in Cusco with Martínez. However, at 31-years-old Leon has recently opened her first solo venture, maturing into her own style and stepping into the spotlight with her new Kjolle restaurant, which opened in August 2018 in the same location as Central. It's here that Leon is creating her own identity – still championing Peruvian ingredients, but offerin

Restaurant Asks to Return Michelin Star

RESTAURANT ASKS TO RETURN MICHELIN STAR The family behind a restaurant in Wales has asked to return the Michelin star it’s held since 2011, citing the strain the award has had on family life. While a Michelin star is the ultimate accolade for many in the restaurant business, Stephane Borie, his partner Sarah Francis and her sister Kathryn Francis, the owners of The Checkers in Montgomery, have requested to return theirs and do not wish to be featured in the forthcoming Michelin Guide to Great Britain and Ireland, which is due to be released on 1 October. Speaking to the BBC , Ms Francis said the decision had been emotional, but the right one. She and her co-owners plan to relaunch The Checkers in November, as breakfast and lunch only, with luxury bed and breakfast accommodation, meaning they will have more time to spend with their families (all have children). “It has been a joy to have the star and the most amazing news when we got it. It was great for trade and brilliant for the to

15 Different Mushrooms and How to Cook Them

15 DIFFERENT MUSHROOMS AND HOW TO COOK THEM Mushroom season is upon us, the best time of the year for that vegetarian umami goodness we all associate with a delicious hit of fungi flavor. With this in mind, we decided to bring you a basic guide on different types of mushrooms, helping you step away from the usual white button or Portobello mushrooms and try something a little different. First up is a simple infographic from Whole Foods nine different mushrooms with notes on their taste. Following this we have another useful infographic by Buzzfeed on the universal rules of cooking mushrooms, with tips on how to sear, roast and saute different mushrooms from shiitake to to chanterelle. Because we know the Potebello mushroom is one of the most popular varieties and one that everyone will easily find in the supermarket, we’ve also highlighted this infographic from Sweetgreen that explains a number of different methods for how to cook Portobello mushrooms, a good mushroom f

Listen to Anthony Bourdain's Final 'Parts Unknown' Narration

LISTEN TO ANTHONY BOURDAIN'S FINAL 'PARTS UNKNOWN' NARRATION The final episode of Anthony Bourdain’s hugely popular television show, Parts Unknown , has now aired. The episode, which features Kenya in Africa, sees the food presenter, who died back in June, team up with the comedian W. Kamau Bell. The pair share plenty of laughs throughout the show, but it’s the final narration from Bourdain that's really caught people’s attention. After the credits, Bourdain sips a beer as he looks out on Kenya. “Who gets to tell the stories?,” he asks. “The answer in this case, for better or for worse, is I do—at least this time. I do my best. I look. I listen. But in the end, I know it’s my story, not Kamau’s, not Kenya’s, or Kenyans’. Those stories are yet to be heard.” People reports that the show’s director, Morgan Fallon, and producers Sandy Zweig, Lydia Tenaglia and Chris Collins say the idea to finish the show with a monologue of Bourdain’s narration was an important one. “Af

Italian Delicacies: Cinta Senese

ITALIAN DELICACIES: CINTA SENESE The history and the secrets of the most important pig breed of Tuscany: a kind of pork meat with a unique consistency. The Cinta Senese is neither a charcuterie product nor fresh pork : the term refers to the most important pig breed of Tuscany and one of the most prized in all Italy, as well as being most probably one of the oldest. It gets its name from its glossy black skin with contrasting white band, the so-called “cinta”, around the neck, which distinguishes this breed. HISTORY OF CINTA SENESE The Cinta Senese is the forerunner of all Tuscan pig breeds. It was even raised by the Etruscans and followed the Romans in their migrations. It came to the aid of peasants in the Middle Ages during periods of pestilence and famine. Its ancient origins are evidenced in a well-known painting of 1340 by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, “The Effects of Good Government” portraying a small pig standing next to a peasant. This little pig risked extinction owing to the po

Sake Restaurant & Bar Review Melbourne Australia

Sake Restaurant & Bar 100 St Kilda Rd | Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne, Victoria 3004, Australia +61 3 8687 0775  Bug Tail Tempura Pink Pepper Coriander Amazu Ponzu Eel Unagi Sunday is a Great Day at Sake. The architecture and interior design both conspire to delight your senses, window table onto the Yarra Walk delightful; and then comes the service and food:  ALL impeccable If you are brave you can opt for the “endless Veuve Cilcquot” and trust me, your glass is never less than brimming with the lovely golden nectar. It’s such a pleasure to be able to 100% thank and recommend a restaurant in Melbourne for all of the very best reasons. Nigiri Moriawase Relax and delight your senses. A Definite 5  Also every few weeks, the endless champagne is DOM. What more can I say? Foodie Heaven .

Food Events: What's on in October 2018

FOOD EVENTS: WHAT'S ON IN OCTOBER 2018 Autumn is a delicious season with a whole spread of tempting food events unfolding across the globe as well as of the arrival of equally enticing seasonal produce, like the white truffle from Alba. There are plenty of culinary highlights taking place as the season kicks off, from the announcement of the new Best Restaurant in Latin America to hard hitting chef discussions in the picturesque Galway setting of Food on the Edge and truffle celebrations, this is the month to watch. Find out more about these events, plus many more, below: WHAT'S ON IN OCTOBER 2018 LAS VEGAS FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL, US, 4 TO 7 OCTOBER 2018 Sin city steps up to four days of food celebration with guests enjoying a wide selection of dishes and spirits from over 50 of the finest local chefs all set against the iconic Vegas backdrop. Find out more here . ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE SEASON, ITALY, 6 OCTOBER TO 25 NOVEMBER 2018 The biggest celebration of the prized W

Pakuri and the new Paraguayan gastronomy

PAKURI AND THE NEW PARAGUAYAN GASTRONOMY Chef Sofía Pfannl and sommelier José Miguel Burga want to bring the attention of the food world to the diversity and local traditions of Paraguay. When chef Sofía Pfannl decided to return to Paraguay, her home country, to open her own restaurant, she wanted to start the same movement she had already witnessed in other Latin American countries: the valorisation of local gastronomy, embracing its ingredients and traditions. She was seeking to start a new chapter for Paraguayan food. "I decided to open a restaurant in Asunción, the Paraguayan capital, because I felt I needed to do something for my country," she says. "I was living in Lima and I saw how Peru developed its economy and its tourism through gastronomy. They really believe in the food they have and feel proud of their culture." When she opened Pakuri in 2017, in partnership with her boyfriend, Peruvian sommelier José Miguel Burga, she says that Asunción's gast