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Fukuryu Ramen, Level 1, 22-26 Corrs Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Modern and Traditional Situated in a small alley off Bourke Street and in the heart of Chinatown, Fukuryu Ramen has a small menu, but big on flavor. Serving both traditional and modern ramen, along side 'small' plates. The walk up to the 1st floor is definitely worth it.  You place and pay for your order at the counter, they give you a 'tracking' device.  When your meal is ready they track you and serve you. The small plates include red dragon wings - spicy hot, pork gyoza - either pan or deep fried, pork belly plate - slow simmered and seared pork full of flavour.  The wasabi is homemade and bloody delicious. Traditional ramen, the classics from all regions of Japan includes Signature Tonkotsu - a thick full bodied broth made with pork bones, a real favourite of ours.  Then there is Miso, Shoyu and Shio ramen. A little something for everyone. The modern ramen, which has been 'curated from the best ramen in Japan' is a spin of the tr

The Moat, 176 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

A hidden gem, situated behind the State Library Walking down Little Lonsdale Street we finally may our way down a set of stairs, not sure where it was going to take us.  It is next door to The Wheeler Centre and has a literary theme with books cases, books - even as wallpaper. The stone wall is painted deep red with gold, a feeling of luxury, a feeling as though you can slip on your smokers jacket, light up a Cuban cigar and kick back. We had the lamb and eggplant ragout on soft polenta with rocket salad and the beef short rib salad, vegies, giant cous cous with a mint and pomegranate dressing.  All perfectly presented and cooked. The lamb and polenta was real comfort food.  The polenta was smooth and buttery, perfect to soak up all jus. The beef short ribs were tender, well seasoned, full of flavour. The pomegranates were a real explosion of flavour, the sweetness which contrasted well with a unctuous rich beef. There is also an outdoor seating/dining area,

Bar Ampere 16 Russell Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

Art Deco Futurism hidden on a Melbourne Lane André-Marie Ampère,  (born Jan. 22, 1775, Lyon, France—died June 10, 1836, Marseille), French physicist who founded and named the science of electrodynamics, now known as electromagnetism. His name endures in everyday life in the ampere, the unit for measuring electric current. Om-Feer, (Ampere) Practical unit of electric current. 1 coulomb of charge passing a point in an electric circuit in one sec. Sitting on an operational electrical sub-station is the high voltage Bar Ampere – most notable for electrifying aperitifs, such as the unusual quinine-derived Quinquina. Exposed power cords and bare bulbs dangle, while the central bar enjoys ambient light from a wall constructed from the bottoms of wine bottles.  The atmosphere is wonderful - great music and beautiful graffiti artwork.   Our Drinks of Choice Tonight -  Negroni (tequilla), Espresso Martini and Black Heart (Bourbon)


The “TORCIDO EXCLUSIVAMENTE PARA EMIRATOS” was released in late 08. This Cigar was made to celebrate the joint venture of the giant Phoenicia and Mohebi Group “La Casa Del Habano exclusive owner in the UAE”. Since it was the first regional release for the Emirates I was very happy and excited to put my hand in my pocket and buy a couple of boxes and still have one box for aging and here what I found: Initial thoughts: Well rounded cigar with beautifully placed triple cap. The body of the cigar is nether soled nor soft its in between. The pre-light draw was very good brings cool nutty, woody and kind of fruity flavors. The burn was good but not the best and the ash was flaky but hold for an inch or so. 1st: Sweet cedary peppery with rich tobacco flavors and medium body smoke comes at first. An inch down the pepper mellows and the sweet tobacco and the cedar wood appears with nut and cocoa on the back ground. Earthiness show at the end on this third. 2nd: Here at the second part I found

Touche Hombre for Lunch then Section 8 in Tattersalls Lane for a Cocktail

Touche Hombre 233 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Just like its tongue-in-cheek moniker, everything about Touché Hombre echoes an ironically cool, laid back vibe. Heavily inspired by the Latino street-art culture of  Los Angeles, the restaurant and bar on the corner of Lonsdale Street and Tattersalls Lane in the city is constantly evolving; at Touché Hombre, DJ’s work the decks, the bar and tables are built using reclaimed timber from Princes Pier and a neon  Ghostbusters  display greets you upon arrival. Huge range of great Tequila as you would expect! Sipping Tequila with a smile :) Lamb Ribs and Yellow-fin Tosdada Expresso Martini Section 8 Container Bar 27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000 You don't get much grungier than sitting in an open-air-industrial-zone-themed-bar, in an alleyway no less, sipping a long neck Coopers and surrounded by lit up fairy lights and baskets of old light-bulbs. This is what Melbourne