Enora Latat’s Colorful Cooking Faces


Discover the French visual artist’s colorful, crazy and pop photographic portraits featuring food as you've never seen before.
Enora Latat’s Colorful Cooking Faces

Are we what we eat? This could be the question behind the work of Enora Latat, a young photographer and visual artist from Bordeaux (France) who has built a visionary universe of portraits in which food is central.

Over the past five years, she has worked on Cooking Faces project: an ironic photographic series of eccentric portraits in which faces are decorated with food. The result is an explosion of colourful and crazy pictures straddling anthropologic investigation, food photography and artistic performance.

Enora Latat’s passion for travel, body painting and food converge in these irreverent pictures, in which the French artist uses ingredients from all over the world in an inventive way. Her work has an anthropological dimension, taking inspiration from her trips and from traditions and masks.

Take a trip into the artist’s eccentric universe with this selection of pictures from Cooking Faces. Enjoy!

"Va te faire cuire un oeuf": cap made with empty eggs. Photo: Julie Bruhier.

"Pom Pom Girl": cap made with apple peels. Photo: Julie Bruhier.

"Plantains Peel": cap made with plantains peel.

"Pinapple leaves": zenu pattern with pinapple leaves ornament for Sabroso portraits in Colombia.

"Pandan chips": cap made with pandan chips.

"Lulo ou naranjilla" (Solanum quitoense Lamarck): cap made with the typical Equadorian fruit.

"Local candies from Cartagena".

"Les carottes sont cuites": Cap made with carrot peels. Photo: Julie Bruhier.

"J'aime ma peau d'orange": cap made with orange peels. Photo: Julie Bruhier.

"Donuts": cap made with colorful donuts.

"Cotton candy": cap made of cotton candy.

"Buñuelos Colombianos". Photo: Rafaël Bossio.

For more informations about Enora Latat and her work, visit her website.