Green Thumb


An incredible recipe from 'The Aviary Cocktail Book', a beverage cookbook with recipes for recreating the incredible drinks of the Chicago's cocktail bar.


  • Sugar Snap Pea Syrup
  • Sugar snap pea juice, extracted with juicer X 100 g
  • Sugar X 100 g
  • Barbecue Aroma
  • Hot dogs X 200 g
  • Neutral grain spirit X 400 g
  • Green Thumb Spice Mix
  • Fennel pollen X 20 g
  • Dill pollen X 25 g
  • Black pepper X 8 g
  • White pepper X 1 g
  • Distilled vinegar powder X 20 g
  • Salt X 35 g
  • Individual portion
  • Brugal Rum¾ oz
  • St. George Botanivore Gin X¾ oz
  • Green Chartreuse X ½ oz
  • To assemble and serve
  • Pea shoots X 2
  • Olive oil
  • Preparation time - 50 m
  • Cooking time1 h
  • Recipe categoryDrink
  • Recipe yield - 1

Sugar Snap Pea Syrup
Strain sugar snap pea juice through chinois. Combine sugar and sugar snap pea juice in blender. Blend on high speed until sugar is completely dissolved. Transfer to squeeze bottle and reserve in refrigerator.

Barbecue Aroma
Grill hotdogs on a barbecue until blackened. Combine hotdogs and neutral grain spirit in blender and blend on high speed until smooth. Place mixture into vacuum bag and seal at highest setting. Cook en sous vide at 80°C (175°F) for 1 hour. Transfer bag to large bowl of ice water to cool completely. Strain mixture through chinois, then through a coffee filter. Fill atomizer with mixture. Reserve.

Green Thumb Spice Mix
Combine all ingredients in spice grinder and grind to fine powder. Reserve in airtight container.

Individual portion
Combine all ingredients in shaker tin with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into carbonation device and carbonate according to manufacturer’s instructions. Reserve in refrigerator.

To assemble and serve
In small bowl, drizzle pea shoots with olive oil and toss with Green Thumb spice mix. Place large rectangular ice cube into a Collins glass. Fill to top with carbonated Green Thumb. Garnish with seasoned pea shoots. Place glass on a bed of fresh wheatgrass. Mist wheatgrass with barbecue aroma. Serve immediately.

This recipe is taken from "The Aviary Book".