How to Radically Transform Your Life with Natural Medicine

How to Radically Transform Your Life with Natural Medicine: Unlocking the secrets to radical self-care

As women, we're often taught that we're not enough.

From a very young age, society has shown us that we should be waiting for someone to come and save us. Sure, we continue to make strides -- but only 46 years ago single women couldn't get a credit card without a male cosigner!

These kinds of inequalities have had their subtle and not-so-subtle effects on how women see themselves.

For the most part, we don't realize it.

It's just how things "are."

But after treating thousands of women in my clinic and many more in my online programs, I notice it more than most.

I see women when they are in a very vulnerable state...and I often have to remind them of the power they hold within to heal.

They've been broken by a medical system that was never made for them to begin with.

They've been let down by treatments that don't work or even make things worse -- like mesh surgeries, bladder slings, injections, or pain pills. (1,2,3)

It's so easy for me to see the possibilities and promise you hold within you, beautiful Queen.

But I want you to just as easily see that magic for yourself. 

We Can't Count On Doctors To Save Us

I have great respect for medicine and science...but in many ways, the system has flat out failed women. Especially when it comes to pelvic floor dysfunction. It's a system built not on consent and care but one of dismissal and intimidation.

We're taught that we're meant to walk into a sterile, completely white environment, take the elevator and do whatever the man in the lab coat tells you to do while he examines you under the glare of a dozen fluorescent lights.

Is that really how the female body was meant to be treated?

Frankly, the whole experience of seeking answers to your pelvic floor disorder within the framework of the traditional medical system is pretty much folly. Their pills, potions, and surgeries really don't work.

We've got no choice but to take our bodies and our healing into our own hands.

But the whole experience leaves us feeling powerless and confused.

Which makes finding our strength and sovereignty that much harder.

You Have The Power Within To Heal

When you're looking at a system that repeatedly conveys to you that you're not enough it can be easy to look for other external sources of healing when the medical establishment fails you.

We turn to Dr. Google.

Or Nurse YouTube.

We hide away behind our computer, endlessly searching for the answers. All alone.

But here's the don't actually need the advice on the internet.

You have everything you need within you to heal.

>> You just need a clear plan and ideally, other women to support you in your quest. <<

When you can push past the negativity that's shoved at you, find your voice, and embrace your power inside -- there's nothing you can't accomplish, Queen.

Harnessing The Power Of Natural Medicine

Over the years, I've seen countless women ditch their pills, build up the courage to refuse surgery, and heal themselves.

And that's what I want for you too.

Instead of external modalities like medications and injections, let's talk about what *actually* works to heal pelvic floor dysfunction.


They aren't right for everyone or every pelvic problem, but when done the right way, Kegels are extremely effective. (4,5)

There are actually a dozen different types of Kegels -- did you know that? I'm a fan of each kind, but chances are good that you're not doing these pelvic power moves 100% correctly if a professional pelvic floor therapist hasn't taught you the ropes.

Here's what's amazing about Kegels -- and don't let anyone with their Kegel devices tell you differently -- the only thing you need to improve your pelvic floor with them is YOU. Some mindful commitment to activating and connecting with your pelvic muscles is the only thing you need to start healing.


This *might* be a tad bit uncomfortable to talk about. Why?

Well, women, and their reproductive body parts, are still something we aren't supposed to discuss. And because we've been shamed for thousands of years, it's become embedded in our psyche that vaginas are an off-limit topic in polite conversation.

Heck, most women that I've seen in my career spanning 20+ years have never seen their own vagina, let alone massaged it.

But when we connect with our divine feminine power and simply massage our muscles (just like we might do with a  back muscle or leg muscle) amazing things can happen in the healing process.

Core Work

The pelvic floor is the center of our power and the center of the body. It's the foundation of our entire core.

When we strengthen our core, we help relieve some of the strain on our pelvic floor muscles. (6)

And it's completely natural and simple to do -- you can make massive progress in just a few minutes each day with nothing but your body weight.