This Designer Home Pattern Is The New Polka Dot

Paint-splattered, speckled, flecked, chipped, if leopard print and confetti had a baby, whatever you want to call it, it descends from terrazzo. This centuries-old pattern traces back to Italy where it was used in the flooring technique of bonding unused marble scraps on wet clay or cement bases for a fragmented finish. But today, it\'s a lot more than a leftover design decision. Transitioning from humble roots as an economical solution, terrazzo ascended to designer home decor trend status — and now, it\'s everywhere.Take a look around: Terrazzo is on that bar of soap in your trendy friend\'s bathroom; it\'s on your new summer swimsuit; it\'s even on your favorite bronzer palette. The subtly stylish, multicolored pattern\'s crept up into a mainstream shopping movement — featured on the must-have merch of popular brands from Madewell to CALPAK. So, we can\'t help but wonder, is Terrazzo the new polka dot?Ahead, find 29 terrazzo-fied goods that we had the time and energy to curate from the


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