These Back-To-School Sales Are Helping Us Forget That Summer’s Almost Over

We know it’s tempting to do the “I’m not listening,” fingers-in-ears dance upon seeing this headline. Hey, we sympathize — we don’t want summer to be over, either. We’re not done taking half-days on Friday, spending long weekends in the sun, and eating every possible meal outside. And while we still have a good 25 days until Labor Day to indulge in these kinds of activities, your favorite stores are already plotting for the next big shopping season: back to school.Whether or not you’re actually returning to school, there’s no denying that the lazy pace of summer ramps up come September, while the temperature simultaneously shimmies down, making the act of shopping for a new laptop, warm comforter, or cozy sweater something of a necessity. Luckily, retailers know this, and they’re softening the blow somewhat with a plethora of back-to-school sales — which we naturally had to round up for you here. So if you take a break from tanning, hiking, or grilling in the ne