Kylie Jenner Was Seen With A White Wedding Gown — & You Can Get One Just Like It

This has been a great summer for celebrity wedding looks. Sophie Turner wore a silk jumpsuit to elope with Joe Jonas eloping in Vegas, and then a classic gown for their second wedding in Paris. Zoe Kravitz singlehandedly made bridal bike shorts a thing, layering them under a sheer dress for her wedding rehearsal dinner. It\'s clear that Hollywood’s elite are taking wedding fashion very seriously at the moment. And we have some thoughts on who may be next: Kylie Jenner.To celebrate her 22nd birthday, Kylie Jenner planned a Kardashian-grade bash on a $1.2 million yacht in Italy, according to TMZ. Prior to take off (on a v casual PJ), Jenner and Scott were spotted with two very interesting packages among the rest of their luggage. Not only was there a black garment bag carried in by the flight crew (a tux perhaps?), but with it was a Saks Fifth Avenue garment bag protecting a very feathered, very white gown. Despite most of the dress being concealed, we couldn\'t help but notice the long