First Day Of School Outfits, Solved — All Thanks To Instagram

Now that August has officially begun, the heavy feeling attached to back to school season is starting to creep back in. After two months of lounging by the beach, it\'s time to get out of that summer mindset and start to prepare for student life again. The bright side? Your first day of school is the perfect opportunity to show off an A+ outfit.With just two weeks left until school starts, it\'s time to start thinking about what you want to wear. To ensure that no pre-back to school bullet points are left unchecked, we took to Instagram to find first day of school outfit inspiration that\'s sure to win you that coveted best-dressed title in the yearbook.Get back into the school spirit by clicking through the 23 BTS-inspired looks.Gym class on the bottom, business class on top.Fast Times High Vibes at Ridgemont HighThe only thing more synonymous with back-to-school season than plaid is a freshly sharpened pencil.Tired of lugging around a ratty ol\' backpack? Swap yours out for a sturdy wove