A Wedding-Guest Outfit For Every Type Of Beach Destination

By now, we\'re all painfully aware that the final stretch of summer is upon us. But, that \"it\'s not over yet!\" mentality is contributing to a flurry of last-minute itinerary-planning in which we all try to squeeze in one more trip before the season is really and truly over. Now if you\'re one of the fortunate ones who\'s about to embark on an epic, tropical beach vacation this month without the last-minute Airbnb scramble, there\'s likely one explanation: you\'re going to a destination beach wedding. (Lucky!)While you may have paid the deposit on the hotel, purchased plane tickets, and contributed to the Honeyfund back when there was snow on the ground, there is something you left until the last minute: your wedding-guest outfit. (Come on, you had to procrastinate on something.) However, we’re certainly not here to judge — we’re here to help you dress for your coastal celebration. We know that your ensemble is going to depend on the particular ocean that you’ll be in the proximity o