Your Hot Weather Survival Hack: Clothes That Don’t Touch Your Body

When you’re in the throes of a heat wave, there are a few options for staying comfortable: 1. Nudity. 2. Spending the day in close proximity to a body of water as long as that water source is also shade-adjacent. 3. Staying inside and basking in the AC. All of these options sound just dandy, but unfortunately for us working stiffs; not always feasible. Obligation demands that we put on clothes, and leave the pool or the house to go about our sweaty lives — a normally harmless pursuit that, when the mercury breaks the 90-degree mark, leaves us rumpled, drenched and in search of a little dignity. (And a lot of natural deodorant.)We have one form of recourse, however, when the mercury is at such heights that walking outside feels like wearing a hot air blanket: clothes that barely touch your body. Whether it’s an ankle-length tent dress cut so generously that your body type is anyone’s guess, or a pair of pants so palazzo-ed that you could surreptitiously do the Charleston, this s