We Did The Work For You & Found 8 Instagram Brands To Shop Now

For fashion girls like us, finding a new brand on Instagram is equivalent to a hype beast getting into Supreme after waiting for hours in line. We\'re always searching and scrolling, going down every hole until we find an account that we can brag about knowing before anyone else. But no matter how much we might want to, spending all day, every day on an Instagram deep dive isn\'t realistic — and your boss would probably frown upon it.So, to make finding the newest, most under-the-radar Instagram brands of the moment a little bit easier and a lot less time-consuming, we went ahead and did the work for you. After following every hashtag, geotag and, well, normal tag, we came up with a list of 8 clothing brands that are sure to be the next Saks Potts, Susan Alexandras and Donnis of the world. So before you spend the entirety of your weekend in a giant Instagram void that\'ll only distract you from the pile of laundry sitting in your hamper, take a look at what we found ahead.At Refinery29