Tracy Reese Is Back — & Calling Attention To The Flint Water Crisis

Last February, Tracy Reese took a break from New York Fashion Week to focus on making her business more sustainable and in the process, she diversified her design portfolio. During her hiatus, Reese even created uniforms for the female flight attendants and customers service representatives for United Airlines (employees will take to the sky in their new looks come 2020). Now, she’s back, designing a collection that actually means something to her.“I needed to go back to my old-school roots,” Reese tells Elle magazine. “I didn’t like what was happening with the production cycle—everyone wants their clothes fast and cheap, and that’s irresponsible. It causes real damage to our planet, to our economy, and to so many people. I wanted to be part of the design process again, from start to finish. And I wanted the cycle to slow the hell down.”And how did she do that? Reese went back home to Detroit, where she designed and produced her new line, Hope For Flowers, It’s an 11-