This Adaptive Underwear Might Just Change The Way You Get Dressed

Wielding her kitchen scissors, Helya Mohammadian crafted the first pair of Slick Chicks underwear on the floor of her Manhattan apartment. The finished product resembled your standard set of bikini-cut underwear, save for one alteration: a row of hook-and-eye closures along each side seam, allowing the wearer to clip them on or remove them at the hip.“I made them for my sister after she’d had a C-section,” Helya says. “That post-surgery period was brutal for her. She was pretty much bed-bound for three weeks. Her husband had to help her with everything from showering and eating to putting on her underwear. I thought there had to be some obvious solution.”Slick Chicks Founder, Helya MohammadianCourtesy of Slick ChicksHelya’s frantic Google searches for a variety of underwear that would cater to her sister’s range of motion were fruitless — so she took it upon herself to construct a pair. And surprisingly enough, they worked: For the first time in weeks, her sister could