The Real Story Behind H&M’s Racist Monkey Sweatshirt

Most toddlers’ idea of a fun time would be a set of markers and a white wall. Extra-ambitious ones might sign up for piano lessons or gymnastics. But when Liam Mango turned three, he asked his mom if he could be a star. Terry Mango uploaded a photo of Liam to an open call for a popular Swedish children’s modeling agency, Miini, where he caught the eye of casting agents at H&M — a brand that Terry had already shopped for herself and her three kids. In the two years since, she and Liam have gotten the routine down: Every month or so, she shapes up Liam’s fade haircut in the family’s kitchen, and then they make the 30-minute drive into Stockholm’s central business district after school. They’ll enter a massive photo studio with a vegan café and a lounge where Terry likes to relax, especially if she’s had to work extra hours at her night job in healthcare. But mostly, she likes to bask in Liam’s energy.“His photos are off the chain. He’s a real model! He dances, he??