That Viral Amazon Puffer Coat Is Now Available For 40% Off

This past winter we wrote up the coat being heard \'round the world (or at least New York\'s Upper East Side). If you\'ll recall, in early 2018, an army green down coat began taking over the streets of upper Manhattan, presumably through the good old fashion marketing method of word of mouth. The affordable puffer, produced by a China-based brand called Orolay, quickly became a hot item on the site as buyers flocked to jump on the \"ugly puffer\" trend a la Balenciaga and other high-end designers. Over the last two winters, the coat has become near ubiquitous, even garnering a dedicated Instagram account. Even more critical than IG fame, and an evangelical NYC-based following are the product\'s reviews. To date, the down coat has racked up 6,945 of \'em and holds a strong 4.2 (out of 5) star rating proving it\'s still on a best-selling high.For those early adopters who remember the coat sitting around the $90 mark, the price has notably gone up thanks in part to its popularity. But have no fea