Michelle Obama Wore Rihanna-Approved Designer Sergio Hudson At Essence Festival

Over the weekend, more than half a million festival attendees descended upon New Orleans for Essence Festival: a family reunion of sorts that celebrates and uplifts music, style, culture and entrepreneurship in the Black community. And considering Black women are the largest group of entrepreneurs in the country, Black buying power is at an all-time high, and Black women vote in the highest numbers, it makes sense that a few very high profile guests would want to get in on the action, including Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama.The latter sat down with Gayle King to talk about her time in the White House. \"For a minute there, I was an angry Black woman who was emasculating her husband,\" Obama recalled about the press during her husband\'s presidential campaign. \"As I got more popular, that\'s when people of all sides -- Democrats and Republicans -- tried to take me out by the knees and the best way to do it was to focus on the one thing people were afraid of: the strength of a Black woma