I'm A Fashion Writer Who Bikes To Work — & This Is What I Wear

Disclaimer! I am not an expert biker. I don’t know how to change a tire; I’ve never touched a “fixie”; I just learned about hand signals, and I am probably still doing them wrong. However, I should probably put my feelings of imposter syndrome aside (said every woman at some point in her life), because, despite these shortcomings, I do ride my bike every single day. Mostly because I am convinced it’s the best way to get around. You burn calories with out burning fuel, and if you’re biking in a city, you’re probably getting to your destination faster than anyone stuck on the subway or sitting in traffic. As the fashion market editor here on the Shopping team, I’m here to dispel any notion that you have to sacrifice style (if fashion is something you\'re passionate about too) if you want to live that cycling life. I wish I had a better reveal here, but the truth is that riding doesn’t affect the way I dress very much. There are things I don’t wear — billowing silk sk