I Finally Signed Up For Amazon Prime And Here's What I Really Thought

Confession: despite being an Amazon user since the Y2K books-and-CDs era, I had yet to go \"Prime.\" The convenient if not cultish membership that gives customers perks like super-speedy free shipping and access to countless hours of streaming entertainment for a mere (but not nothing) $12.99-per-month was appealing but I just never pulled the trigger. However, with the fifth annual Prime Day fast approaching, I thought it\'d be prudent as R29\'s fashion market editor here on the Shopping team, to get as familiar as possible with the ins and outs of Amazon — and not just by way of press release or browsing for hidden gems — as a real life, bonafide, virtual card-holding Prime member.And, while this two-day event might be the most-hyped shopping event of the year after Black Friday, the year-round Prime membership is equally lauded for its speed and convenience. Bearing this in mind, I signed up for Prime’s 30-day free trial to do an honest deep dive on what one may stand to gain on t