How “Festival” Became Fashion’s Unofficial Fifth Season

For eons, the fashion calendar has been distilled into four seasons. But fashion’s fifth season — though undocumented — remains just as significant: the beloved festival season. Call it F/S \'19.Naturally, festival fashion varies from location to location — hit Indio, California and you’ll find crocheted halters and platform flip-flops, while on New York’s Randall’s Island, tiny half-moon sunglasses reign supreme. Find yourself in Chicago and vintage tanks and bucket hats will take their place. Geographic placement aside, there will be flower crowns.But for all the renditions of festival fashion we’ve seen plastered across our Instagram feeds, the outdoor fest uniform has a far grander history than we tend to acknowledge. In fact, the music festival scene itself has been prominent since the early \'60s — and the favored dress of the time has morphed, year after year, to reflect the most influential headliners of the moment. Think mid-\'70s flare jeans, \'80s scrunchies, t