Every Piece You Need To Master The Most Confusing Dress Code

Is there anything more head-spinningly confusing than the moniker “business casual”? The dress code that dominates most office environments in 2019 is also one of the most difficult to parse. “Business” connotes suits, ties, loafers, and pencil skirts; “casual” serves up images of t-shirts, khakis, cotton, and sneakers. Where’s the middle ground, especially for our intrepid shopping audience, who gives more than a few damns about how they look when they walk out the door in the morning?While we haven\'t created an official PowerPoint deck on the subject, we’ve certainly done our homework on what to wear to work by dress code and have some nuggs of wisdom to share. Sam Spica, publicist at women-focused career hub, Fairygodboss, told us that business casual “takes [professional office attire] down a step,” allowing for “flats, nice shirts, a cute dress here and there, and sneakers — everybody’s favorite word.” We think of it as the deconstructed version of the