Dagne Dover’s Summer Sale Has Us Stockpiling Back-To-School Essentials

When it comes to a simple, chic, do-everything-and-go-everywhere bag, Dagne Dover’s stylish accessories frequently top our list — and, based on our research, our readers share our devotion. The six-year-old New York-based brand has earned legions of devotees — including our founder/creative director, Piera Gelardi — by designing streamlined and sturdy backpacks, handbags, and wallets that leave no organizational stone unturned. Whether it’s a satchel equipped with a water-bottle holder, keyring, and six interior pockets; or a foldable wristlet that manages to stash all a multitude of essentials while maintaining a slim profile, the brand’s ability to deliver high-capacity accessories that don’t scream “bag lady” keeps us coming back again and again.Our frequent visits to Dagne Dover’s online hub have taught us that the brand does not go into markdown very often, so when we hit the site on our weekly rounds and saw a 25% off banner, we sprang into action. The brand