Bend It Like Paltrow? Tracy Anderson Launches New Fitness Line With Barneys

Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow\'s go-to fitness guru, is known for making people love the way they look naked with her pricey fitness studios around the globe. But today, she\'s launching a new line of fitness apparel that\'ll help you live that Goop life for a little less. In collaboration with Barneys New York, Anderson launched she says embody her own personal style. Produced in L.A., Anderson tells Refinery29 that the designs drew inspiration from pieces she loves to wear personally, and a color palette that mirrors her vibrant personality.The activewear line has a vintage sweatsuit vibe, and many of the pieces have sayings on them such as “Love Can Fix” and “Tabula Rasa,” which virtually means having a clean slate. “That means a way of moving forward,” she says. “People get stuck in an unhealthy dialogue of what happened to them. Say, if a person broke their hear