Anna Wintour Snubs Melania Trump In New Interview

The fact that the general public rarely sees or hears Melania Trump leads to a lot of speculation — particularly when it comes to her wardrobe, and what it may (or may not) mean. Is her penchant for wearing white a subliminal alignment with the suffragette movement? Did she wear a hot pink pussy-bow blouse to the second 2016 presidential debate to troll her husband?No one truly knows. But despite the fact that Trump has chosen to stand next to her husband, the President, while he\'s insulted sexual assault victims, and has made inflammatory remarks about women, immigrants, Blacks, the news media, and more, the internet continues to impose narratives on her clothing choices. So perhaps that\'s why, when Anna Wintour was asked if she valued Melania\'s role as transatlantic fashion ambassador of sorts during an interview with Anne McElvoy on The Economist\'s podcast, she chose to talk about former First Lady Michelle Obama instead.Which first lady wore the role best? Anna Wintour talks pol