Amazon Prime Day Just Got A Whole Lot Shinier With These Jewelry Steals

Is it just us, or can everyone\'s personal style doctrine pretty much be summed up in a basic motto? This is particularly true when it comes to jewelry and accessories. Some live by the notion that less is more, for example, while others are all about well, more is more. Are you an arm party person, or do you err more along the side of daintiness (à la Meghan Markle)? When looking for a new pair of earrings, do you go for a statement piece or something subdued? How you choose to adorn your earlobes and decorate your décolleté can be a way of wearing your personality, and no matter what that might look like, Amazon is a reliable resource for all things sparkly and simple. Plus, now that we\'re in the midst of Amazon Prime Day pandemonium, you may just strike gold with your next jewelry purchase.While other shoppers get distracted by Amazon\'s tech deals and fitness finds, let us redirect your attention to the shinier side of today\'s sales. Shop necklaces, rings, and watches galore —