All The Tie-Dye DIY Tips, Tricks, & Product Picks Straight From A Pro

What do the free-spirited \'60s, temporary yin-yang tatted \'90s, and fashion week runways of 2019 all have in common? Two words, one hyphen (and looks pretty groovy on a T-shirt): tie-dye. The colorfully patterned technique has made its style mark over several decades, and we\'re currently living for its most recent resurgence just in time for summer. We not only love the nostalgic technique for making us feel like carefree camp-kids again, but also because it\'s an easy and affordable trend to DIY on just about anything. To prove it, we rounded up the best tie-dye kits with matching what-to-dye buys that Amazon has to offer and consulted an expert on beginner tie-dyer advice. Shabd Simon-Alexander, designer, activist, educator, and author of Tie-Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It, shared just how easy it is to do at home.Aside from wetting fabric, tying it, and then dying it, more specific tie-dye techniques can be broken down into two categories: bath dying or applying to fabric. \"Dyeing cl