7 Summer Accessories That Can Save Even The Most Blah Outfit

Last weekend in It Happened To Me: I arrived to dinner wearing the same red, star-printed wrap dress as the friend I was meeting. When we all shop at the same stores, it\'s bound to happen every now and then, right? Especially in the warm weather when we\'ve got fewer layering opportunities to help differentiate our looks. The key to making our summer outfits stand out from the rest, then, comes down to one category: accessories.We\'re not just talking about any old finishing touches — we\'re talking boundary-pushing, totally unique bags, jewelry, and shades that can take any look from zero to 60 real quick. Think: light-adaptive Transitions lenses with classic aviator frames; micro-mini bags that can hold a surprising amount of paraphernalia; and, here to pull at your nostalgic heartstrings, the puka-shell ankle bracelets of your surfer-girl dreams. Ahead, check out the latest must-have, anything-but-ordinary, summer-ready accessories that are far from a fashion afterthought.Light-Adapt