3 Women Test Drive Rihanna's Fenty 6.19 Collection

I think we all had the same thought when Rihanna first announced her Fenty fashion line: will the clothes look good on anyone who is, well, not Rihanna? The pop superstar is always the best-dressed celebrity on any red carpet she walks on, whether she\'s in a see-through dress \"covered in Swarovski crystals\" or a sweeping Guo Pei gown that launches a thousand egg memes. Not to mention her many head-turning street style outfits — denim tuxedos, sweatpants and heels, lingerie for day — complemented by her ever-present accessory: a wine glass. Rihanna\'s an undisputed fashion icon. And just because Fenty looks good on her, doesn\'t mean it\'ll work for the rest of us, right?!Well, I quickly learned that you don\'t have to be Rihanna to pull off Fenty. In fact, Fenty is Rihanna sharing some of her sartorial magic with the average shopper, giving us each a personal makeover if you will. You feel a bit more confident, a bit more badass in her pieces, whether you\'re wearing oversized sunglasse