3 Women Test Drive Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke Tiny Sunglasses

It\'s hard (read: damn near impossible) to pull off the tiny sunglasses trend without looking like an extra from The Matrix. And yet, every day, on my commute to work, I pass a woman wearing a pair of mirror-lens, miniature frames and looking impossibly cool. Each sighting makes me want to retire the same oval-shaped pair I always wear (or the occasional cat-eye when I\'m feeling trendy) in favor of tiny sunglasses that convey just the right amount of confidence.As someone who once hid behind oversize sunglasses when I wanted to shield myself from the world (when I had tired eyes from overworking or an acne flare up that makeup couldn\'t obscure), tiny shades represent a boldness that I haven\'t quite conquered yet. There\'s a look-at-me attitude that just emanates from the wearer, like you\'re channeling The Matrix stars. Think Keanu Reeves in a sweeping black trench or Jada Pinkett-Smith in leather and bantu knots.It was that movie that I had in mind when I threw on a pair of tiny black sh