14 College-Ready Backpacks That Get Very High Marks

Believe it or not, we’re almost in the throes of that magical season that we shopping enthusiasts refer to as “back to school.” Sure, we’re still a little ways off from the changing of the leaves, the dropping of the mercury, and the unearthing of the knitwear, but here in the land of fashion we’re always on the lookout for that upcoming shift — be it in seasons, environments, or trends — that will dictate a new mode of dressing. And returning to school — or work — is one of the most exciting changes that happens in the calendar year, bringing with it the need for one let\'s-get-down-to-business bag to carry it all.If you’re someone who is returning to —or beginning their journey in — a scholarly milieu of any kind, your satchel needs are unique. What you need is a backpack, and it can’t be just any backpack. It has to have room for digital and analog learning devices (in other words, a laptop, notebook, and textbooks) and maybe even snacks, water, and gym c