11 Plus Size Women On Their Best Fashion Purchase Of 2019 So Far

When fellow plus size shoppers ask me the best way to find style inspiration or cute clothes, I always say social media. Following stylish plus size women on Instagram has been key to my own personal style journey and has led me to more unique pieces (and confidence) than anything else. I fill my feed with plus size bloggers and influencers, but also pretty much anyone who posts their outfits regularly and happens to be over a size 10 or 12. Despite all its frustrations (insert angry rant about the algorithm here), Instagram has been a godsend for plus size fashion lovers in this way. It is a place that has provided community and an inspiration to those who don’t often see bodies that look like theirs reflected in advertisements, magazines, or television.When I’m wondering what to buy, I go to the plus size fashion community on Instagram. That’s why I decided to ask a handful of plus size women what the best pieces of clothing they’ve purchased so far in 2019 have been. There w