What To Wear When It’s Too Hot To Wear Anything

Summer’s official start is coming up fast. And while the beloved vacation season brings short weeks, long weekends, and plenty of travel, it also brings everyone’s least favorite thing: some seriously scorching days. The kind where the temperature hovers dangerously close to the triple digits, and the air outside feels heavy and claustrophobic. On days like this, the thought of getting dressed is nothing short of unbearable, but sadly, it’s a task that must be completed if you want to leave the house.To help you through the hardship of allowing fabric to touch your body on a swampy day, we compiled a list lightweight wardrobe staples that you can lean on when the mercury begins its cruel ascent. From linen coveralls and stylish athletic shorts to barely there slides, all of the essentials here are heavy on style while remaining light on coverage. Click through to see the 12 must-haves that will keep you as cool as possible while still ensuring that your look is fire.At Refinery29