We Paired The Best Leggings To Go With Almost Every Weekend Activity

Name a piece of clothing more versatile than a pair of leggings — we\'ll wait. Far from being exclusively worn at the gym, the stretchy, body-hugging garment can be dressed up or down, making them a wardrobe essential for anyone who loves feeling peak comfy at all hours of the day. That said, we know that finding your perfect pair can take some time (and lots of uh, see-through moments), so we\'re here to talk about leggings with your life in mind.Speaking of perfect pairs, we\'ve linked up some of Refinery29 \'s favorite leggings with every occasion on your calendar, fitness related or otherwise. (Raise your hand if you love to rock a pair of Outdoor Voices Springs while parked on the couch.) From your weekend grocery store run to barre class, Sunday brunch to a night out with your best friends (or vice versa, if we\'re being honest), these are the best internet finds you won\'t want to miss out on. Including our all-time favorite brands — plus newcomers on the cusp of blowing up on I