This Story About The Next Amazon Viral Products Is About To Go Viral

We’re always hearing about items that go “viral” on Amazon. First there was a mysteriously perfect puffer coat that slowly took over New York City; then a \'90s-style maillot that magically flattered nearly everyone. A few months back, we filled you in on the $3 $2.65 pack of pearl barrettes that started appearing on influential heads all over our IG feeds. And in May, there was the DIY tiny house. You heard that right — a structure that provides shelter to human beings was available for purchase on Amazon. And not only that — it kept selling out! SMDH.We don’t cover tons of breaking news here on the shopping team — not as much as our Kardashian-hawk compatriots over in Entertainment or the newshounds monitoring AOC’s every move. What we do constantly monitor, however, is Amazon. It’s become one of our favorite pastimes to scour the site for “hidden gems” — we even have a reader-sourced column devoted to it — and we’re always on the lookout for the item that?