These Self-Portraits Capture Exactly How 3 Queer Individuals See Themselves

We\'ve still got a long way to go, but the strides society has made in carving out spaces and platforms for people of diverse backgrounds are paying off: Last year, LGBTQ representation on broadcast television hit a record high, with 8.8% of 857 series regulars openly identifying as LGBTQ+, and more queer people ran for office in November 2018 than ever before. Every day, queer people are celebrating who they are, empowering themselves, and shaping how they\'d like to be seen and heard.James Robinson, Blair Imani, and West Dakota have all cultivated lives that center on representing important aspects of their identities. Robinson, a half-Filipino photographer from Australia, makes a point of showing other queer people from diverse backgrounds in his work. Imani, a Black, queer Muslim, does the same by bringing her culture’s history to life through her work as an author and activist. And for West Dakota, performing in drag across New York City is a means of exploring every facet of her