The Essential New-Mom Wardrobe Staples (From The Women Who Actually Wore Them)

Anyone will tell you that new motherhood is a joyful experience — colored, of course, with bewilderment, anxiousness, and abject exhaustion. Feeding and clothing a newborn is no simple task — and you’re supposed to get yourself dressed, too? At a time when you’re getting by on so little sleep that you may qualify for insanity, and your body is changing its shape and size practically by the hour, assembling any kind of outfit becomes a Herculean task.Now, we firmly believe that a new mom should wear whatever makes her feel the most comfortable, and we are in no way advocating that you should dress in some totally reinvented type of way after giving birth. However, here on the Shopping team, we’re students of fashion, and style is deeply connected to our sense of well-being. That’s just us. We have a feeling that if you’re reading this article, you’re in the same boat, and you might be looking for some insight on how to put yourself together during a time when it feels li