The Die-Hard Fashion Girl’s Guide To Summer Packing

On our summer 2019 vacation-style moodboard: puka-shell-necklace surfer bros, Scandi bloggers, and aesthetically precocious toddlers. While this off-kilter mishmash might not make immediate sense as a vibe (or anything else, for that matter), it\'ll all come together when you check out our shopping picks ahead.Anchored by Havaianas \' go-anywhere flip-flops, we\'ve partnered with the Brazilian brand to outfit the fashion girl in everything else she needs for a chic warm-weather holiday. From a trophy bucket hat to elevated croakies, this is not your denim-cutoffs, big-T-shirt-cover-up kind of summer. So for those seeking a delightfully over-the-top OOO wardrobe, keep clicking for your complete packing list.First into the carry-on: a bikini in the same patchwork we\'ve been eyeing on the runways for a few seasons now.Paper London Sunshine Cha Cha Bikini Set, $207, available at FarfetchDesigned by Seung Won Chun.By way of clothes, you don\'t need much else beyond a camp-collar shirt — the