The Bachelorette's Luke P. Nightmare Might End Soon (Please Let It Be Soon)

Everyone is tired of this Luke P. BS on The Bachelorette. Hannah is tired, the other contestants are tired, Chris Harrison is tired (he recently asked Hannah why she likes him so much), and the fans are tired too. When Luke goes home on The Bachelorette, expect parties to be thrown, because enough is enough already. But don\'t lose hope! There does seem to be an end in sight based on the trailers for the rest of the season.If you thought surely Luke P. slut-shaming Hannah for naked bungee jumping on June 24\'s episode would be his undoing, you\'re not alone. But, once again, Hannah gave Luke a rose. She didn\'t do it without confronting him, though. In their initial conversation, Luke said, \"I know that your body is a temple,\" and insinuated that he couldn\'t bring someone home to meet his family who naked bungee jumps with a man who is not her husband (pretty sure doing extreme sports in the nude is not part of anyone\'s bird and the bees talk, FWIW). Hannah told him later that his comments