Taylor Swift Wore A Rainbow Fringe Outfit To Kick Off Pride Month

When we think of Taylor Swift and her reliable style habits, we think of two things: a top and a bottom. Because if not the queen of camaraderie, Swift is the countess of separates (well, next to Kim Kardashian in 2014, of course). But rarely does she ever switch it up. Sure, it must be pretty easy to get ready in the morning if she always has a coordinating thing one and thing two to make an outfit, but the slideshow ahead proves she actually has way more tricks up her sleeve — especially when she\'s on the red carpet.Long gone are her days of sundresses and cowgirl boots. Nowadays, Swift lives in sequins, bandeaus, and pointed-toe heels (or, in this case, your favorite kitten shirt). We\'re aware that might sound like the typical wardrobe of a world-famous pop star, but the way she hops around the color wheel keeps things exciting. Have a look, and then give your own wardrobe a Swift kick for spring.Meow.Photo: Jawad Elatab/Splash News.Now, we\'re not confirming that\'s not her sweater