Stand Out At The Pool Party With One Of These White Swimsuits

With summer coming up and a veritable nation of bathing-suit choices swimming (sorry, had to) before our eyes, we find ourselves paralyzed with indecision regarding which suits we’re going to commit to for the season. Do we opt for a trendy tie-dye or leopard-print number bikini? Keep it old school and retro with some kind of sporty, logo-ed maillot? Choose an allover print that may create questionable optical illusions on our lady lumps? There are too many options, and not enough vacation time (or disposable income) to properly address them all.When confronted with too much of a good thing, our strategy is to find some outside inspiration to channel into the decision-making process, and we couldn’t but think of a certain upcoming national holiday with a particular, tried-and-true color scheme. Rather than follow flighty swimwear trends or engage with a print that may not have your curves’ best interests at heart, why not pick a color from that old reliable triumvirate of red, bl