My All-American Style Story: See How This Creative Wears H&M's 4th Of July Collection

Despite the bandeau\'s prevalence amongst off-duty celebrities and the tiny-sunglass-ed blogger set, it wasn\'t either group that inspired beauty and lifestyle creator Leah Allyannah to make bra tops a style signature — it was actually a photo of her mother from the \'90s, taken shortly after she\'d arrived in America from Guyana.\"My mom and I have similar styles, like how I dress now is how she used to dress when she was younger,\" says the 21-year-old native New Yorker. \"When I look at pictures, she’s wearing the high-waisted pants with crop tops, the knee-high socks, and chunky sneakers. I think since I have that style, she remembers that she dressed how she wanted when she came here, so she wants me to do the same.\"Fashion moves in a cyclical pattern — with the late 20th century hovering at the top of the wheel for seasons now — but regardless of trends, strong, uniquely American style does seem to run in the Allyannah family. Take Leah\'s looks here, all from H&M\'s celebratory 4