Meet The Parisian Stylist Bringing The French-Girl Bob To L.A.

For Los Angeles-based hairstylist Yoann Bourquin, the \'French-girl \' haircut has always been just a haircut. Originally from a small village in Provence, Bourquin moved to Paris in 2006 to build his career in a big-city salon. There, just west of the Eiffel, he trained under French stylists who stuck to classical techniques, all while harboring a fascination with the cultural phenomenon happening before his eyes: the American obsession with the French woman\'s hair.\"The French haircut is a lot like French toast or French fries,\" says Bourquin in a thick accent, a skinny cigarette bobbing between his lips. \"Simply put: French sells.\"The American demand eventually grew enough that Bourquin was asked to step away from his post at Mod\'s Salon in Paris for the time being and extend the brand\'s reach to sunny Los Angeles. With a travel visa, an English dictionary, and almost a decade of styling experience under his belt, Bourquin temporarily relocated to California in 2016. To him, the challe


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