Katie Sturino Talks Personal Style, Plus-Size Mannequins And Her New Collection With Stitch Fix

Katie Sturino is having a busy summer. Between running her plus-size fashion blog @the12ishstyle, promoting her product line @megababe, and planning her dream wedding, she found time to add another title to her resume: designer. Working alongside the size experts at Stitch Fix, she created her very first 100% size-inclusive clothing line — and it retails for under $100.The 21-piece collection, which ranges in sizes from 0 to 24 and XS to 3X, launches this week exclusively on StitchFix.com, the world\'s leading online personalized styling service. \"Stitch Fix is a brand that about a year ago, I didn’t know much about,\" Sturino tells Refinery29. \"But then I went to go visit their headquarters and was blown away by their expertise in fit and really how much they paid attention to the way that a curvy body differs from a straight size body. They had a whole team of people who were actually going into factories and educating on fit. It was so impressive and so different from anything tha



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