Irina Shayk's Maillot Swimsuit Will Convince You To Stop Wearing Bikinis

It might not technically be summer yet, but that hasn\'t stopped us from getting a head start on swimsuit shopping, with some inspiration from Irina Shayk. And while we\'d like to say that every season brings with it a fresh stock of colors and silhouettes, rarely does a style show up that we haven\'t seen at least once before. Sure, there are the big trends (i.e., metallic, orange, belted fits and one-shoulder cuts), but we\'d hardly call those sleeper hits. With that being said, there is one swimsuit style that lots of people haven\'t heard of yet: maillots.Maillots (pronounced mah-yohs) might sound totally new to you, but in reality, they’re anything but. Comparable to your everyday one-pieces, a maillot is just a tank-style swimsuit with a French backstory and a bourgeois title. But with more and more brands, from Marysia to Matteau, adapting this fancy-schmancy pet name, we thought we\'d address any maillot-induced confusion head-on. So to clear the air now that swimsuit season has tr