I Saved Up For This Dress For A Whole Year & Now I Want It In Every Color

Welcome to I Actually Bought This, a series where we share our online-shopping successes of personally carted and coveted goods. Seriously — we have the receipts. Discover the IRL buys that surprised career product-hunters in our quests for the ultimate score.I’ve enjoyed shopping and the process of piecing together an outfit for as long as I can remember. For most of my 26 years, I’ve gotten a sort of thrill from adding just the right shoes or earrings to c omplete a look. Once everything falls into place, I can head out the door, confident. I can’t recall many times in my life where I had an special event or a date and I didn’t get excited about the prospect of finding something to wear and styling it – that is, until I was plus size. When I graduated college and my usual 10 or 12 dress size slowly changed to a 14 or 16, shopping suddenly produced moments of dread more than it did excitement. I would scroll through Instagram and be immediately enamored with a piece of clo