How To Cop Summer's Hottest Trends Before Everyone Else

There are certain telltale signs that a sunnier, seasonal shift is afoot: warm light flooding your apartment from the moment you wake up until well into the evening; Friday productivity promptly taking a nosedive at 3 p.m.; rosé bottles suddenly sitting front and center at your local wine spot. Every year, these familiar stirrings spark the same questions: 1) \"What time is too early to duck out of work?\" and 2) \"What am I going to wear?\"While we don\'t have the authority to send you home from work early, we can help you solve the issue of what to wear this summer. Ahead, we\'ve joined forces with Macy\'s to show off our favorite seasonal trends that you\'re going to want to have on your radar — or, more accurately, in your closet — styled by none other than members of #MacysStyleCrew. Click through to discover (and shop) the styles you\'re about to see everywhere.Color CarnivalSporting happy-go-lucky colors is your most efficient means of sartorially standing out this summer. Rock a v