Exclusive: Russell James Shoots Kendall Jenner For L’Officiel USA — & Defends Her Status As A “Supermodel”

Australian photographer Russell James isn\'t a stranger to pushing boundaries with the subjects he turns his lens on. He shot Tyra Banks for a Sports Illustrated cover in 1996 and Ashley Graham for her groundbreaking Swimsuits For All ad campaign that appeared in SI 18 years later. The man credited with helping Kendall Jenner launch her modeling career, even photographing her for Miss Vogue Australia cover in 2012, is working with the model again for L’Officiel USA.Just ahead of Russell reuniting professionally with Jenner, Refinery29 chatted with the photographer about what it was like to shoot the L’Officiel cover, what makes a true supermodel, and how Kendall is proving the critics wrong.Refinery29: How does it feel to work with Kendall again after all of these years?Russell James: I have to reflect on that from the point of the beginning of her modeling career and seeing her evolve. It\'s terrific. Obviously, she won the genetic lottery but she still really had to carve her way t