Elton John Really Wore The Sparkly Dodgers Costume We're Obsessed With In Rocketman

Elton John’s most fabulous looks can be seen at a theater near you. The beloved singer’s life story is the subject of Rocketman, and while fans are adoring Taron Egerton’s depiction of Elton John’s musical career, the costumes are also feeling the love. Specifically, that sparkly Los Angeles Dodgers uniform John wore when he performed two sold-out shows at Dodger Stadium.It turns out that wasn’t just a costume for the film — or a Halloween getup for Harry Styles — John really wore the damn thing, and there are photos to prove it. If there’s something familiar about the outfit, it’s because master of sequins Bob Mackie designed the costume. Like John, Cher also wore several of his designs. You may remember Cher and Mackie from such fashion moments as her jagged two-piece black sequined power outfit from the 1989 Oscars.John has always been a style icon. Rocketman ’s costume designer, Julian Day, faithfully recreated some of his more flamboyant looks, including his de