Beyoncé Winks At The Beyhive With Bandana Merch

Beyoncé\'s fanbase, affectionately known as the beyhive (pronounced bee-hive, not bay-hive) will stop at nothing to protect their queen. While we were fixated on what Beyoncé was wearing as she sat court side at the Warriors Game 3, the Beyhive was honed in on a woman who leaned across Queen Bey to talk to Blue Ivy\'s dad (as it turns out, she was merely taking his drink order). The hardcore fans assumed it was a slight against Beyoncé and it didn\'t take long before the woman\'s identity and social accounts were swarming with the bee emoji. Beyoncé\'s publicist, Yvette Noel Schure, even had to address the matter, issuing a rare statement over the weekend asking the Beyhive to lead with love.Schure took to Instagram, where she posted a photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z hugging from On The Run II tour. \"It was a place of joy, unimaginable entertainment from two of the best performers in the world, and a place of love,\" Schure captioned the photo. \"Every single day on that tour I saw love.\" Th